Integrated Services

September 3, 2020


In our last post, we talked about the idea that the future of commercial real estate brokerage is digital and human. The markets will reward more integrated services teams rather than siloed service approaches. This is why we offer the services we do — site selection, incentives negotiation, brokerage, project management and build-to-suit services —all on behalf of tenants only. We’re also committed to hiring team members, not lone rangers.

That is what we intend to do at RubiCrown: offer a full suite of solutions to mitigate risks and make the process smoother, bring transparency to opaque markets and processes, and leverage the deep know-how of key industry veterans to address the entire spectrum of risk and work across geographies. We combine the digital and conflict-free relationships to conquer the grit.

Comprehensive Problem Solving

Most brokers take a siloed approach to solving problems, and there’s often in-fighting over sharing fees, which leads to the client missing out on a particular service or experience. For instance, maybe your broker doesn’t offer you a particular service because he’s going to have to fee share to cover the service. As a result, you might’ve missed out on the knowledge of a 30-year veteran who could’ve saved you $1M in Capex.

At RubiCrown, we offer project management to every client as part of our brokerage process.  We’ll never give you a signed lease and then leave you to figure out the construction on your own. We believe project management is in the heart of brokerage  — and we’ll be there until you move in.

Companies of all sizes are on the move for friendlier business climates. At RubiCrown we help companies make wise decisions by using a combination of data and analytics as well as hiring team members with deep expertise in incentives deals. 

So, who are the people behind RubiCrown?  Tune in tomorrow to learn about our team.

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