Our Services

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Our services are designed for organizations with or without an internal real estate department. Our approach is holistic and turnkey. We work in every North American market.

1-Site Selection Strategy

Site Selection Strategy

When a change in your business triggers a change in your real estate footprint, there can be significant risks and costs.

Economic Incentives Advisory

Changes in your real estate footprint may trigger state or local economic incentives, including tax abatements, cash grants, forgivable loans, free or reduced priced development sites, but every situation is different.

2-Economic Incentives Advisory
3-Real Estate Brokerage Services

Real Estate Brokerage Services

The real estate brokerage community is fraught with conflicts of interest, industry jargon, and layers of risk. This can significantly limit your negotiating position, costing you hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. We bring transparency to this industry and operate as a fiduciary on your behalf.

Project Management

Most brokerage firms leave you with a signed lease to figure out tenant improvements, construction processes and the management of architects, engineers, general contractors, and other vendors. In many cases, the landlord becomes the manager of this burden, but they don’t have your best interests in mind. We work to protect your capital and help you meet critical timelines.

4-Construction + Project Management

Energy Optimization

If you are a heavy user of electricity and gas and do not have an energy strategy to optimize your usage, you could be over-spending.